We are selling

I am Bilal Tariq.
I am Cofounder of CosmoCarParts.com and am a Mechanical Engineering graduate from NUST EME.

I started this website in 2015.

It is ranked on searh engines like Google for every brand’s name and even for very competitive KeyWords it is ranked on Google on second spot right after PakWheels.com

The SEO competitiveness of this website is very strong.

You yourself can verify independently the SEO strength of this website.

As future of commerce is ecommerce, this website can give you competitive edge with regard to your competition.

Price: We are selling it for a throw away price of 3 Million Pakistani Rupees.

(Please note that the money that we have spent only on SEO is 15 lacs.)

Monthly visitors 25000 customers

Charry on top:
The new design and functionality of this website is also ready.

The design is just like that of Amazon and Ali Express.
Futher, it was designed to have Classified Ads Platform as well, just like that of PakWheels.com

If you want to use it, it is ready.

If you don’t want to use it right away, that is also fine because you can use it any time in future.

No discounts, as we are already selling it for peanuts literally.

Bilal Tariq

Cofounder www.CosmoCarParts.com