A wheel bearing has unique characteristics due to its physical geometry. It has inner race the cage or fundamental train and the balls or rollers .Lets see how these can be approximated using an actual bearing on a shaft .The de-fact frequencies often expressed as a multiple of the turning speed of the shaft i.e for each revolution of a shaft how many impacts would be made due to a particular fault .A non-synchronous energy is not a whole numbered multiple of the shaft speed like 1.0, 2.0 or 3.0 orders. There are three ways to express frequency ,per minute of CPM ,per seconds or Hz ,per revolution or orders .Orders is direct correlation to shaft’s speed. The inner race frequency can be approximated the same way as outer race frequency . The inner race frequency is 8 and a fraction whereas outer race frequency is 5 and a fraction. Unless the bearing is uniquely designed with a 90 degree contact angle the inner race frequency will be higher then the outer race frequency . Cage frequencies usually occur between 0.3 and 0.47 times the shaft turning speed. At cosmo car parts we have high quality wheel bearing and hub assembly and we will hook you up with the right part at the best price .

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