First of all lets state the parts on a CV axle .CV stands for constant velocity .They are efficient and low drag .It has output joint ,boots and input joint and boots . The input boot is close to the transmission. The front wheel drive that employ these will have transmission that is also a differential. It has output shaft seal ,the ring which is output shaft dust cover. The output shaft has spindle and spindle nut . How do you tell if your CV axle is bad ? what happens typically over time the rubber fails on cars ,fails due to either lubricant breakdown or a rubber breakdown . The boot covers balls in it varying from 3 to 6. Some applications have 3 some have 6 . 6 tend to give better efficiency and 3 tend to give higher torque . When your CV axle is bad it will give you a noise of knock knock . We at cosmo car parts have high quality CV axle shaft and we will hook you up with the right part at the best price .