The function of fuel pump is to pump your fuel from your fuel tank to the engine .If the fuel pump is faulty it will pump the fuel improperly and your engine will receive the fuel less then it needs.The faulty fuel pump can manifest itself in many ways such a poor starting or not starting of a car at all .In some cases the car stalls due to bad fuel pump.A failing fuel pump also manifests itself when the car at constant high speed sputters and resumes its performance then one should gauge there is something which is going wrong .It happens because the fuel pump is trying to supply the fuel at proper pressure and due to faulty fuel pump it is unable to do so .Losses in the power when the vehicle is under stress while climbing is because the fuel pump is trying to meet the demand of fuel and unable to do so will result in losses of power . The rising temperature can also be an indicator of bad fuel pump .A loud noise from the fuel tank also can be due to faulty fuel pump . A difficulty in starting can also be due to faulty and weak fuel pump .Therefore if any of these symptoms show it is about time to change your fuel pump . At Cosmo Car parts we have high quality fuel pump for your vehicle  with us at the best price .