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PrepVista’s GRE preparation classes in Lahore help you achieve not only even the most ambitious GRE scores, regardless of your current Quantitative and Verbal prowess but also makes the preparation experience itself a journey worthwhile.

ACE GRE with PREPVISTA’s preparation classes in Lahore, exclusively.

Do you know that GRE is the only test that gives applicants the option to apply both to graduate schools( MS/ Ph.D.) and business schools( MBA and other management related programmes)?

Achieve a high GRE score and increase your Fulbright scholarship chances many a fold.

Do you know that a high GRE score can help your Fulbright application stand out in the crowd with ease?

PrepVista’s GRE Course Features:

After having attended our GRE preparation classes, you will become a GRE master in all things GRE

GRE Quant:

Quant section for our course is  designed for beginners who have not been in-touch with Maths for a while and want to get the basics covered and after having the foundations taken care of, it takes you to the most advanced level; i.e the Math section of our GRE preparation classes covers the hard Quant problems one typically encounters at 330,335 level and with our copyrighted techniques help you absorb the advanced concepts with much ease.

What math content you will master in our GRE classes in Lahore?

Our course will help you become a champion in all quant topics in GRE, such as

->Number properties, including primes and exponents

->Fractions, decimals, & percents, along with their applications

->Algebra, including systems of equations, inequalities, and quadratics

->Word problems, in particular statistics and probability

->Strategies to attack Quantitative Comparison questions

->Strategies to attack Discrete Quant questions

-> Advanced strategies to help you achieve accuracy under immense time pressure.

GRE verbal:

For GRE vocal, you will be taught usage of more than 1000 frequently tested GRE words with the help of mnemonics and vocab stories–an ultimate weapon to all your GRE vocab woes.

But vocab alone is of little help unless you master the subtlest of contextualized signals. To achieve this end, we help you master identifying these signals, which are sprinkled in all GRE verbal questions and not just in Text Completion or Sentence Equivalence question types.

Reading Comprehension questions are taken good care of in our copyrighted VISTA-MP framework- a framework that will make you fall in love with Reading Comprehension questions and make the GRE preparation experience a journey full of fun.

GRE course features:

Do you know that PrepVista’s first two classes( one Verbal, other Quant) are absolutely free?

Course features:
–>5 full-length mock tests.

–>Complete preperation material provided by PrepVista.
Don’t hoard material from the internet. There is a lot of bad material out there replete with irrelevant concepts not tested and lacking the concepts tested at the highest level, concepts that you will surely encounter when you are north of 330.

–>Short quiz accompanying each session, a methodology known as testing-effect so that you retain what you learn.

–>Yes, coffee also accompanies each class. All Vistians are coffee addicts.

–>Timings: Saturday & Sunday (3:00 pm- 5:30 pm).
You need focused sitting stamina to increase the attention span, which smartphones and Facebook-effect have perilously diminished.

–>Course duration: 10 weeks.
Please note that the GRE classes are hyper-intensive but cover all that is required to beat th GRE.

–> Fees: 27K( but a discount of 2000 for first 3 enrolled students in each session).

–> Limited seats per session. PrepVista stands for hyper-personalization.

–>Post-course assistance available.
At PrepVista, we recommend you keep in touch with us even after the course ends.

PrepVista’s commitment to its students transcends the temporal limitation of course duration.
Once Vistian, always Vistian.

GRE expert faculty
Prepare GRE with our Expert Faculty, matchless not only in Lahore but also anywhere in the world!
Marriam Musa

A Stanford University qualified passionate educationist, Marriam Musa has been working in the education sector in Pakistan since 2013. She has trained students to take standardized tests for both undergraduate and graduate schools. She also continued her passion for GRE tutoring during her stint at Stanford.


Nauman Zafar

A Fulbright scholar, Chaudhry Nauman Zafar earned MS in Quantitative Finance from Bentley University, Boston, USA in 2017. He has guided several graduate-school applicants through the process of writing Study Objectives, and Personal Statements.

Ali Tariq

An architect of GRE verbal course at PrepVista, Ali creates verbal content that students can use to engage and learn in order to ace the beast known as Verbal. As a PrepVista Expert, he loves helping students not only ace the verbal sections of the test but also prepare them to tackle the psychological part of the journey effectively.


Farhan Zafar

As the Quant faculty at PrepVista, Farhan has immense expertise and an expert tutoring experience under his belt. He is, in fact, often regarded as the most prolific quant expert one can find anywhere in the world. Having himself earned an MBA from LUMS, Farhan is able to connect with the candidates at a deeper and more personal level.

He is never too busy for his students and takes personal satisfaction when his students cross ‘ 330 in GRE’. His mantra is ‘the purpose of life is to live a life of purpose, and my life’s purpose is to make Quant section, specifically DI(GRE) questions and advanced Quantitative comparison questions , a piece of cake for my students.